killed newton funny
Panda, genius that she is, came up with 6 types of dissers, all around us. Owning to a lack of interesting topics to keep a conversation alive. 

1. THE GODS : These are the people who are quick on their feet. In fact they're almost undefeatable. They are likely to be characterized narcissistic tendencies and a wit so wild, that puts Wilde to shame.

2. THE NINJAS : Thee are the shy, quiet type. However the moment they open their mouth, and diss you, you won't know what hit you. We suggest running cold water over that burn.

3. THE AVERAGE JOE : These are the happy-go-lucky who love owning people. However, in case they are the ones being owned, they'll take it with a spoonful of sugar and grace.

4. THE PARTY POOPERS : A stronger word for the party pooper is 'hypocrite'. They love taking people's case. However, if the tables are turned, all hell will break lose. Ergo if you do plan to diss them in the future, do keep a chocolate cake and a 'sorry' card nearby.

5. THE MERE MORTALS : These are the people who live by the Gandhian principle, 'Live and let live'. Actually, 'Don't diss and don't get dissed'. They stay out of it and laugh on the sidelines. They are the perfect audience. They also are a morale booster of 'The Gods', occasionaly throwing in a 'boo' or a hoot.

6. THE LITERALLY TOO STUPID TO INSULT : These people are just like 'The Mere Mortals' except dumber. They don't diss people and expect people to not diss them them while they make airheaded comments. It's like putting steak in front of a hungry dog and expecting it won't eat it.