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You asked us 'Why is the Indian Education board so pathetic?' 
If only I had an answer.
We live in a country, where, when you're supposed to think of the people who rule this country, you picture a man with a HUGE beer belly, a mole on his face, sinister eyes, and more gold on his hand than an average upper-middle class indian can afford. 
So, do you see the kind of people that run this country?
So, do you realize the kind of people who must be working on the Indian Education board?
Secondly, if they really were that smart, they'd be doing something better with their life, rather than changing the cover of textbooks every few years, and calling it a 'new edition'
I suggest, you just go with it. As a wise man once said 'if rape is inevitable, you might as well lay back and enjoy it' . 
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